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080 Mental Toughness Compilation 006

Today’s Mental Toughness compilation episode includes short snippets of advice from our most recent 9 episodes.  By tuning in you will learn more about the significance of Mental Toughness and the complexity of the trait across a range of domains.

Key Learning Points:

  • James Lau tells you about dealing with fear in tennis.
  • Tom Jones shares his insights into Mental Toughness on the cricket field.
  • David Charlton challenges your thinking around setting goals.
  • Grant Phyphers discusses how he defines Mental Toughness.
  • Nathan Sherratt talks about the most demanding role on a football pitch, the role of the referee. 
  • Danny Thomas elaborates on the psychological qualities required to succeed in professional football.
  • Tim Brownstone and Michael Davis tell us about the role of technology to aid brain function and focus.
  • David Charlton asks you to question your approach to develop your mental fortitude.

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