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Posted 04/23/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

049 How Does Sport Psychology In Elite Football Academies Help

This episode is one that may interest, young footballers, football coaches, parents of talented footballers, and sports psychologists.  Where James Maurice, HCPC Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist, and a member of the Sport Psychology team at Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club joins me to discuss typical challenges that young academy footballers have at different ages and how best to support them.  We also provide guidance to upskill coaches and parents to ensure that the youngsters' experience in football academies is a positive one.

Key Learning Points:

  • As football academies support young footballers from 8 years old up to their early 20’s a variety of challenges occur, at different points in time.
  • Some of the challenges a sport psychologist may support a player include; handling performance pressures, facing local rivals, selection or contractual issues, overcoming injuries, managing expectations of player, parent and coaches, physical challenges and many more.
  • Fun, engaging sessions with children is the key to learning and reinforcing a positive perception of the field of sports psychology.
  • Helping players experience difficulties and challenges creatively rather than simply talking is helpful.
  • From the age of 16-18 years can be particularly difficult as decisions on their future are being made, they have exam pressures too and are getting to an age where they can be distracted and fail to make the necessary sacrifices. 
  • Parents can use process goals as a way of supporting their children to develop their skills and to distract them from getting to caught up in the emotion of their child’s performances.

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