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Posted 11/16/2020 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

02 From Wheelchair To World Champion

Demystifying Mental Toughness is for people who want to reach their goals faster and are curious what high performing athletes and professionals do to fulfill their potential.  David Charlton shares insights, strategies and stories from leading athletes, coaches, psychologists and specialists to help you perform to your optimum level on a more consistent basis.  If you’re a motivated athlete, coach, sport psychologist, mental game coach or executive listen in for proven and practical advice in this podcast. 

Steve’s uplifting yet poignant journey will inspire you to achieve your own journey of excellence.  Sharing his unique story with takeaways he’ll explain the many times he picked himself up after being knocked down both physically and mentally. Going from wheelchair to world champion and onwards to successful professional speaker, author and coach.   In this episode, Steve tells David about his inspirational story where he has faced a huge adversity in his life head on.  He crashed his car near Sheffield in 2002 crushing both of his legs.  Surgeons fortunately saved both of his legs and his life, however he was told that he was unlikely to walk again. 

He shares his level of commitment and the promises that he made to himself.  How he saw setbacks as challenges and opportunities, essential parts of Mental Toughness, in his quest to walk again and then become a 2 x World Champion Para Triathlete.  While revealing how his mental health suffered and how he coped with hitting rock bottom. Steve also discusses his career change into motivational speaking and frequently uses his phrase “Don’t Lean on Excuses” the name of his book! 

Essential Learning Points From This Episode 

•  How to deal with adversity and multiple setbacks 

•  How to cope with negative emotions and hitting rock bottom

 • The power of goal setting and bench marking

 • Being kind to yourself during difficult times

 • The importance of having support 

• How to manage expectations and pain 

• Focus on what you can do 

• Reviewing and refining your approach is essential if you want to be the best that you can be 

• How to overcome a fierce rival 

• The importance of wellness, rest and recovery 

• Planning, setting your own rules and taking massive action 

• The benefits of visualisation and negative meditation

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