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The Sport Lifeline (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)

The Sport Lifeline (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)

The Sport Lifeline (Click text to watch YouTube video)

The Sport Lifeline (enhancing performance for sport)

The sport lifeline looks at producing a value based performance in sport and choosing the correct path. The two paths are either 1) the value driven path or 2) the avoidance driven path. I've simplified it into seven steps:

Step 1: Define your values and game plan

Step 2: Describe a challenging situation

Step 3: What thoughts and feelings show up

Step 5: Describe any reinforced behaviours (what rewards this behaviour)

Step 6: Describe any long-term consequences of these behaviours

Step 7: Revisit your values and choose a value based behavioural strategy and any short/long-term consequences

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