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Posted 10/01/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

September 2021: Mental Edge Round-up

September 2021: Mental Edge Round-up

Where did September go, it’s been a fun and busy month where as a team we’ve been involved in a number of projects in professional footballs clubs at first team and academy level.   Enquiries also continue to come in thick and fast with a lot of interest coming from parents of youngsters who struggle transferring their skills from training to competitive events or who lack confidence in general so go on to struggle to express themselves freely.  As a result, you’ll note a lot of our content recently relates to parents and coaches in this area.

Confidence certainly wasn’t an issue for Emma Raducanu this month.  Wow did she put on a show in New York in the US Open tennis grand slam.  It was amazing to watch how she kept pressurising her opponents and ALMOST played flawless tennis for 3 weeks.  You’ll notice ALMOST is in capitals.  Why because she didn’t play flawless tennis she still made some errors yet she won.  

This is a big lesson we can all learn PERFECTION doesn’t exist and the sooner we learn this the happier and more confident we’ll all be on and off the court, pitch and course.

The US Ryder Cup team were another example of a team who played fearlessly, fully expressing themselves much to the dismay of the European players and supporters (that’s me!).  Hat’s off to them, on the greens especially they were fantastic.  Which again I’d like to highlight is a skill that can be learned. When fine motor skills come to the fore in tasks such as putting, throwing or shooting it is very easy to get in your own way.  This is an area we help our clients in frequently so they can go on to trust their training and their PROCESS.  Playing with a TRUST MINDSET not a TRAINING MINDSET.


Enjoy your month and please do read or listen to some of the content that we’ve put together in September. 


Guest Interview

High Performance For Batsman Group

Sports Psychology Blog Content

How Mentally Healthy is Your Clubs Sporting Environment?

3 Tips for Playing with Confidence Under Pressure

How to Help Kids Overcome Performance Anxiety

How to Support an Angry Young Athlete

How do I Help my Child to Focus in Sports?

Demystifying Mental Toughness Podcasts

Mental Toughness Compilation 006

Mental Toughness in Combat Sports

Supporting Children in Sport with Positive Feedback

Life Lessons from a World Champion Boxer

Guest Interview

For those interested in cricket, with Jarrod Leathem we chatted for an hour discussing the psychological side to batting.  The walk of shame, a run of low scores, dealing with criticism, transferring your skills from the nets to the middle were all discussed.  You’ll be able to access the video if you visit this group below and scroll down to the 22 September when we recorded it. 

High Performance For Batsman Facebook Group

Sports Psychology Blogs

How Mentally Healthy is Your Club’s Sporting Environment?

Most professional clubs, academies and governing bodies managerial staff are well versed in trying to ensure that their players or athletes are technically skilled and tactically well versed.  As well, making sure that their athletes have and continue to develop the necessary physical components so that they can perform at their peak is seen as important for many, too.  However, where many find themselves lacking is in having good processes in place and creating a culture that addresses the importance of mental health in sport for their players or athletes.

This article sheds more light on the important topic and has some helpful information in for senior decision makers in these clubs and organisations.

• 3 Tips for Playing with Confidence Under Pressure 

So many athletes struggle to perform under pressure in big matches and tournaments.  Some try relaxation exercises and visualisation but find its a waste of time.  Others just keep on working harder in training.

This post is set up to help you, if youre in this boat where I share 3 tips to assist athletes so that they can trust their skills under pressure.

• How to Help Kids Overcome Performance Anxiety

Many children can get very fearful and uptight before they play competitively.  So much so that they dread playing, they may be very irritable with you the parent on the journey in the car, they may even be sick or in some cases they refuse to play.   Faking injury is also something Ive come across a number of times.

In this blog I share some ideas on how to support youngsters who experience this these types of feelings.

How to Support an Angry Young Athlete

When kids have angry outbursts on the pitch, court or course theyre often criticised and shamed.  In this blog I question whether this is the best approach and share some other ideas to help them.

• How do I Help my Child to Focus in Sports?

Come on son, concentrate”, The game is passing you by”, What are you doing?” are phrases used by sport parents and coaches frequently. How often do you hear this or something similar? Often!!

Lets face it, though, most children playing sport get distracted!  When they hear come on son, concentrate”, it is because they arent performing to the level they can. From a childs perspective, maybe theyre a little anxious or nervous, does a parent or coach screaming at them really help in this situation? Do you think that they actually hear the words that are voiced from the sidelines? Simply telling children may not be the answer as I discuss in my most recent blog.  Feel free to have a read…

Demystifying Mental Toughness Podcasts

• EP 080 Mental Toughness Compilation 006

Today’s Mental Toughness compilation episode includes short snippets of advice from our most recent 9 episodes.  By tuning in you will learn more about the significance of Mental Toughness and the complexity of the trait across a range of domains. Enjoy tuning in!

• EP 081 Mental Toughness in Combat Sports

In today’s episode, we take a look at Mental Toughness and how it applies to combat sports with a well-qualified guest, Stuart Wade, who has won 4 world titles in taekwondo and kickboxing.  He’s not someone to be messed with!  He’s also a clinical hypnotherapist and personal trainer.  We chat about controlling your emotions and maintaining your composure after being hurt and despite being in pain. We discuss fatigue and the impact this can have on you as a fighter, mentally preparing for fights, intimidating your opponent, making the weight, and a whole lot more.  Enjoy tuning in!

082 Supporting Children in Sport with Positive Feedback

This podcast episode is designed to help you take a step back and consider whether your approach is useful.  It will help you start supporting your son or daughter or athletes so that they develop a growth mindset and have healthy self-confidence and self-esteem. Enjoy tuning in!

083 Life Lessons from a World Champion Boxer

Our latest episode focuses on professional boxing, a brutal sport where my guest Billy Schwer is great value and discusses his day to day routines when preparing for world championship fights, he shares why the attributes he had as a fighter cost him so much in his life after boxing too.  It’s a wide ranging discussion with many great takeaways. Enjoy tuning in!


You may also be interested in downloading a new resource that we’ve created THE FOCUSED ATHLETE CHECKLIST which highlights a range of excellent processes that athletes can follow in order to integrate mental skills training into their daily routines and habits.  By doing so, it will allow you to see where there are gaps and how and where you can improve to ensure that you get closer to reaching your goals.



If you are an athlete who is a little bit lost or overwhelmed.  Or you may know someone who has lost sight of their goals who needs to quieten their mind and get clear on chat they need to do to progress.  This short 60 minute online accelerator course may be for you.  All for £49.


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