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Posted 07/01/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

June 2021: Mental Edge Round Up

June 2021: Mental Edge Round Up

In June we’ve been treated to lots of great sport and there’s more to come during the British summer.

We’ve seen some great international football matches in the European Championships.  It’s going to be interesting to see who comes out on top come on Sunday 11 July.  That day will also feature the Wimbledon Final.  Can Novak Djokovic continue his form after winning the French Open in Paris, where he showed outstanding mental strength and skill, and tie with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer with 20 grand slams to his name.

June also so Jon Rahm become world number one golfer after winning the US OPEN at Torey Pines.  Where he had to deal with a less than perfect preparation after testing positive for COVID-19 a few weeks earlier, when he had a 6 shot lead heading into the Memorial Tournament and had to pull out after the 3rd round.  

Other highlights that have interested me are Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s battles for top spot in Formula One and the start of the British Superbikes Season.  The cricket season is into full flow too with some great matches in the T20 Blast and New Zealand being crowned World Test Champions after beating India with a tremendous performance.  

A small reminder too!

Mental Toughness accounts for 25% variation in performance, so I’d imagine all of those top performers who have had success during June will likely be armed with Mental Toughness in abundance, as well as self-awareness.  As you’ll have noted from my Demystifying Mental Toughness podcast having mental strength is fine, however without self-awareness even the mentally tough will falter.  


For June this is the content that we’ve put together at Inspiring Sporting Excellence.


Sports Psychology Blog Content

  • Why You Should Meditate To Improve Your Sport Performance
  • Case Study - Supporting a Professional Motor Cyclist Overcome Injury and Regain Confidence
  • 5 Tips for Parents To Help Children Perform with Confidence
  • Golf Psychology Tips to Improve Your Mental Game
  • Case Study - Supporting a Professional Golfer Go Really Low

Demystifying Mental Toughness Podcasts

  • Encouraging Mentally Healthy Environments
  • Mental Health and Resilience: Lessons from an Olympic Medalist
  • Supporting Children To Transfer their skills from Training to Competition
  • How Hard Is It To Become A Tour Professional Golfer?
  • David on Being Tough Vs Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin - Part 1

Sports Psychology Blogs

1. Why You Should Meditate To Improve Your Sport Performance

Often we can get caught up in judging ourselves, other people or situations which then become detrimental to our performances and mental health. In this blog, I talk about a better, healthier way to deal with such situations which can help you improve your focus, get better at staying present and deal with pressurised situations.

2. Case Study - Supporting a Professional Motor Cyclist Overcome Injury and Regain Confidence 

Has the pressure ever got too much for you when you race? Many competitive motor racers get in their own way before the start of races going on to cost themselves valuable time and places.  Yet it doesn’t have to be that way if you work on your mental game.  Read on for some ideas to help you in this case study. 

3.  5 Tips for Parents To Help Children Perform with Confidence

As organised sport for youngsters grows and grows, and increasing pressures are put on children at young ages, the role of the Sport Psychologist is increasingly being used to support parents and coaches.  I’m finding a fair chunk of my work now is to help children play their sports fearlessly and to develop their resilience levels when they encounter setbacks and challenges. In this blog post, I address 5 recent questions that I’ve had from parents recently and that I hear on a regular basis across a range of sports.  

4. Golf Psychology Tips to Improve Your Mental Game

Are you guilty of getting ahead of yourself on the golf course? Maybe you’re the golfer who tots your score up after 9 holes and thinks, this is my time.  I’ve got a great chance of winning this week if I only do….. or do …..! How do you help yourself not get ahead of the game in these situations?  Many golfers do this time and time again and keep on repeating past mistakes when they get themselves in good positions.  So why not learn from these situations you put yourself in by reading my latest blog on this topic with tips to help you.  

5. Case Study - Supporting a Professional Golfer Go Really Low


If you have a good score going what happens? I often hear “I get caught up thinking about the holes ahead of me.” “I become a little tentative.” “I can get too excited and aggressive.” Or “I begin to take more time over shots and can become indecisive.” If these statements resonate with you, this article gives you a few ideas on how a golf psychologist works to help you get the most from your talent…

Demystifying Mental Toughness Podcasts

1. EP 065 Encouraging Mentally Healthy Environments 

The episode helps you understand the intricacies of different sports such as rowing and combat sports where we go on to discuss the complexities of weight restrictions in these sports.  We also chat about high performance sport in general and how it can promote obsessive behaviours and perfectionism.  Macho behaviour and cultures which are associated with “Toughness” and incorrectly Mental Toughness is also often encouraged in sport and we look at the potential impact on an individual’s mental health.

2. EP 066 Mental Health and Resilience: Lessons from an Olympic Medalist

The guest on this episode is very inspirational, Marilyn Okoro was a top class athlete, an Olympic bronze medalist and now an athletepreneur and mentor.  In this episode we discuss what it takes to compete to such a high level in elite sport.  We chat about perfectionism, being yourself despite the challenges, the cultures that exist in elite sport and how they can be helpful and equally damaging.

3. EP 067 Supporting Children To Transfer their skills from Training to Competition

In today’s episode I answer a popular question that I get asked from parents of young athletes. “My daughter can perform really well when she practices or trains but when she competes she often looks like a different person and freezes.  How can I help her?” 

I go onto explain that there are many complexities which surround this question from cultures and environments set up, coach or parent interference or pressures, outside pressures in education and home life.  I also share 3 tips to help children who face these challenges. 

4. EP 068 How Hard Is It To Become A Tour Professional Golfer? 

In today’s episode, Wynyard Hall based elite professional golf coach, Andrew Nicholson, tells me about what he thinks are the requirements of playing at an elite level in amateur golf and on the different professional tours.  We discuss commitment, an essential ingredient of Mental Toughness and the focus required to succeed.

5. EP 069 David on Being Tough Vs Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin - Part 1

Today’s episode is part one of a number of episodes, where I will go on to unpack “toughness” some common myths around mental toughness and some typical barriers that people put up.  I also go on to highlight some real examples, case studies and offer different strategies to help you.  This episode is designed to help you question your approach.


You may also be interested in downloading a new resource that we’ve created THE FOCUSED ATHLETE CHECKLIST which highlights a range of excellent processes that athletes can follow in order to integrate mental skills training into their daily routines and habits.  By doing so, it will allow you to see where there are gaps and how and where you can improve to ensure that you get closer to reaching your goals.



If you are an athlete who is a little bit lost or overwhelmed.  Or you may know someone who has lost sight of their goals who needs to quieten their mind and get clear on chat they need to do to progress.  This short 60 minute online accelerator course may be for you.  All for £49.


Our partners Kymira Sport are an up and coming brand who sell infrared sportswear clinically proven to enhance performance and recovery.


You can also join our online community – THE SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY HUB – for regular Sports Psychology tips, podcasts, motivation and support.

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Have a great month ahead!

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