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Posted 07/31/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

July 2021 Mental Edge Round up

July 2021 Mental Edge Round up

We haven’t got a long of the British Summer left now after a glorious July and many warm days, and balmy days evenings.

The sport was pretty hot too!

We say the incredible Novak Djokovic win yet another grand slam. This time Wimbledon to go equal with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in grand slams. If there was ever a person who epitomised what Mental Toughness is all about it is Novak, under pressure he is phenomenal and seems to get better when the stakes are high.

Italy won the Euro’s after you could argue England’s young players lacked the Mental Toughness to get the job done. They could learn a lot from Novak.

Collin Morakawa won at Sandwich in the Open Championship, illustrating what a cool and confident golfer he is. The fact that he has won 2 major championships on debut is a phenomenal achievement.  

Lastly, the England Cricket team displayed their strength in depth, skills and talent by beating Pakistan in the one day series despite being hit by COVID and having to replace the entire team, as well as the 20-20 series.

For our business July was a very busy month where we received many enquiries from parents to support their children through different sporting transitions, as well as from a number of professional athletes looking to gain a mental edge and improve upon their performances.

The blogs and podcasts continued too!


For July this is the content that we’ve put together at Inspiring Sporting Excellence.


Sports Psychology Blog Content

  • Focusing on the Process as a Team
  • 7 Tips on Taking Penalty Kicks Under Pressure
  • 5 Tips if you fall into the TRYING TOO HARD TRAP when bowling
  • 9 Tips for Children from Olympians

Demystifying Mental Toughness Podcasts

  • Mental Toughness Compilation 005
  • Mastering the Mental Side of Tennis
  • Mastering the Mental Side of Cricket
  • David on Being Tough Vs Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin Part 2
  • How Can I Make My Child Feel Confident?
  • How to Rebuild Your Identity

Sports Psychology Blogs

• Focusing on the Process as a Team

Often players and the teams attention can waiver after a good start. In this blog I talk about dealing with complacency if you are someone or your team falls into this trap... Enjoy the article.

• 7 Tips on Taking Penalty Kicks Under Pressure

It wasn’t luck why Rashford, Sancho and Saka missed their penalties… 

How many times after a penalty shootout do you hear people say penalty kicks are a lottery, they are completely down to luck. My take on it is, NO they are far from down to luck or chance, there is a lot more that should be factored in.  

In this blog I discuss why and share with you how to deal better in these situations so that you prepare yourself mentally to deal with high pressure situations on the pitch.  

• 5 Tips if you fall into the TRYING TOO HARD TRAP when bowling

Do you regard yourself as a highly motivated and competitive bowler ? Maybe you’re a bit of a perfectionist too?   

This blog tells you all about the pitfalls of trying too hard where I go on to share 5 tips so that you get more enjoyment out of your cricket and give yourself a better chance to take more wickets.

• 9 Tips for Children from Olympians

Do you ever wonder or worry if your children are getting the most from the sports that they play? Or do you ever get carried away with their success?  

This blog is organised in a way that Olympians share 9 tips that children can take away to improve their enjoyment and give themselves the best chance of succeeding.

Demystifying Mental Toughness Podcasts

• Mental Toughness Compilation 005

We are now 70 episodes into the Demystifying Mental Toughness podcast. Today our first class guests provide many short snippets of advice with some of the best bits from the previous 9 episodes. Listening to the insights and tips I’m sure will help you learn more about the importance of Mental Toughness, self-awareness and being honest with yourself. Enjoy tuning in!

• Mastering the Mental Side of Tennis

Tennis is a game that I follow closely, and it's a game in my mind, which is hugely psychological where matches ebb and flow and can be lost in the blink on an eye. My guest, is a racquet sports specialist and well respected Sports Psychologist, James Lau.  

In the episode, we unpick typical mental game challenges that tennis players face and how to best support players overcome these challenges. We also discuss the legends of tennis, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, the mental qualities that they bring to the table and what we can learn from them. Enjoy!

• Mastering the Mental Side of Cricket

The psychological challenges in cricket are immense, whether you're a batsman or bowler, a wicket keeper or a fielder. The sport has got very unique challenges including the fact that it is a team sport but can frequently feel like an individual sport, the difficulty of having to accept repeated failures and the walk of shame!  

Today, Tom Jones, a highly qualified youth cricket coach and owner of Cricket Coach 365 and I chew the fat, we talk about these challenges, we discuss mental toughness and Tom explains how he goes on to help young cricketers get the most from their talent. Enjoy tuning in!

• David on Being Tough Vs Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin Part 2

This is Part 2 of a series of episodes on being comfortable in your own skin, where I unpack 3 more common “toughness” themes where we can unconsciously behave in certain ways or put up barriers. The barriers I discuss today are concerned with goal-setting, prejudice and delegation at individual and organisational levels. As always, this episode is designed to help you question your approach and become the best version of yourself.

• How Can I Make My Child Feel Confident?

Today’s podcast episode focuses on a question I received from a parent, Anna to a talented golfer. Anna’s son, Harry is 14 years old however he lacks confidence and she worries about him. She also recognises to succeed in golf, in other sports or in education he’s going to need confidence.  So she asked me – How do I give him confidence? 

I go onto share 3 ideas which can help you as a parent to help your child begin to see things differently. Enjoy tuning in. 

• How To Rebuild Your Identity

This episode is an inspiring one where Grant Phypers, a leadership coach and I discuss how Grant defines mental toughness, we chat about how he overcame adversity in his life and rebuilt his identity and character. We also chat about a topic men tend to avoid – vulnerability. Enjoy listening! 


You may also be interested in downloading a new resource that we’ve created THE FOCUSED ATHLETE CHECKLIST which highlights a range of excellent processes that athletes can follow in order to integrate mental skills training into their daily routines and habits.  By doing so, it will allow you to see where there are gaps and how and where you can improve to ensure that you get closer to reaching your goals.



If you are an athlete who is a little bit lost or overwhelmed. Or you may know someone who has lost sight of their goals who needs to quieten their mind and get clear on chat they need to do to progress. This short 60 minute online accelerator course may be for you. All for £49.


Our partners Kymira Sport are an up and coming brand who sell infrared sportswear clinically proven to enhance performance and recovery.


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Enjoy yourself in August!

Best Wishes,

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