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How do I Help my Child to Focus in Sports?

How do I Help my Child to Focus in Sports?

Concentration can be very difficult for many children

“Come on son, concentrate”, “The game is passing you by”, “What are you doing?” are phrases used by sport parents and coaches frequently.

How often do you here this or something similar? Often!!

Let’s face it, though, most children playing sport get distracted!  When they hear “come on son, concentrate”, it is because they aren’t performing to the level they can.

From a child’s perspective, maybe they’re a little anxious or nervous, does a parent or coach screaming at them really help in this situation? Do you think that they actually hear the words that are voiced from the sidelines of the pitch?

Simply telling children playing sport doesn’t help!!

Here are some tips to help the youngsters concentrate on what they need to, to succeed…

1) Help them learn what they focus on when things are going well

2) Help them learn what they focus on when they’re having fun

3) Help them learn what they need to focus on to get better

4) Sit down with them to identify what distracts them

5) Help them learn how to refocus

Lastly parents/coaches, keep the volume down on the sidelines, over-coaching can be a huge distraction for young athletes.

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