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Submitted by Lois W. on 04/26/2020

beyond the positive impact on the way I perform!

Overall Rating

I feel as though Alessandro’s work with me although we haven’t had many sessions has had a huge impact on the way I approach my training and Enhance my performance. I am able to really center my focus and motivate myself and believe fully I can achieve what I am doing and beyond. Alessandro has helped me understand things I most likely would not have before and has had a beyond the positive impact on the way I perform!

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Very effective

Thanks, Alessandro for your help, I feel much more confident and I am not afraid anymore of others' judgment. For all my life since I was a child I had to do everything trying to satisfy the others, without really enjoying anything.
Now not only I understood why I was not performing well but also after our practices in front of the mirror, I feel much more myself. I recognize myself and enjoy what I like without thinking that I have to please others.

Submitted by David Carlton on 02/14/2020

Impressive method

I had the opportunity to meet Alessandro at a time when my 13 years old son was struggling with his confidence and experiencing episodes of performance anxiety in key occasions. Thanks to Alessandro and his new and innovative method with just few sessions, my son was able to overcome his fears and totally shifting his mentality. Now he is back to his form, confidence and passion for the game.

Submitted by Karla on 02/11/2020

Struggling with an Eating Disorder

I was considered one of the best-talented athletes in my country since I was very young. At the age of 14, I was training so hard and I started to lose weight. I was eating 1000 calories, training three hours a day. I suddenly had a collapse and the doctor said I was underweight. I thought he was crazy. I was keeping doing my training but starting to have serious problems. My coach told me I had to stop to train until I was not feeling better. I was so angry with him. Nobody was really understanding me. I had to continue. My parents wanted me to see a psychologist and he told me I was anorexic. I have been treated for one year at a clinic. After that I relapsed and after 8 years I found Alessandro Carmelita. I am starting to understand my real problems, I am changing my obsession for weight and calories and enjoying my competitions and training much more. The mirror was a real problem at the beginning but now is a good friend. I have hope for the future now. Thanks

Submitted by Maurizia on 02/09/2020

Great results!!!

Regularly in some periods of the year, I was feeling depressed and not able to train as usual. This year, in particular, I was almost to quit and decide to stop my activity as a professional athlete. I met Alessandro that really helped me not only talking but also using imagery exercises and other practices in front of a large mirror. Several times, because I was going around the world for the tournaments, we did sessions online. It has been fabulous. I feel very well now, energized and I am winning. I am also enjoying what I am doing much more. I am much more sociable and less stressed. So even if I was a bit skeptical at the beginning I have to say that what I have been doing with Alessandro at the Mirror Training Method Center is working very well. Thank you

Submitted by Alle C. on 02/07/2020

Very effective method

I have heard about this method from a team mate in Argentina and I felt that it was a great opportunity for me during my staying in Italy to try few sessions. At the first moment working in front of a mirror with the techniques that Alessandro Carmelita was teaching me was weird but after just few minutes I felt the power of what I was doing. I had the impression that my capacity of being focused was incredibly higher and also I had the feeling of an incredible energy in all my body. After few sessions I was able to perform at a very different level. I definitely suggest to everyone to try this new method. I really believe that this is going to have an incredible impact on how athletes will train their mind. Thanks a lot for that, I am referring every player I know to Alessandro

Submitted by Alvaro on 10/06/2019