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Posted 04/18/2022

The Challenge of Performing Under Stress

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View a 60 minute recorded webinar on demand - by Professor Marc Jones - exploring the link between stress and performance drawing on research and applied examples. 

The Challenge of Performing Under Stress

Professor Marc Jones will draw on his extensive research and applied experience to discuss how psychological and physiological responses to stress relate to performance in sport settings. He will outline how a positive (challenge) response to stress differs from a less helpful (at least in performance terms) response to stress (threat). Building on this research Marc will outlines strategies for developing a a challenge state in athletes. This webinar will be of interest to sport psychologists, coaches and athletes with a fascination for understanding sports performance under stress. 

Professor Marc Jones

Marc is a Professor of Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. His work is focused on understanding the impact of stress on health, wellbeing and performance, effective leader-follower interactions, and behaviour change in individuals and organisations. The protocols, and approach, that Marc, and colleagues, have developed for the assessment, and training of stress responses and enhancing performance, have been utilised by businesses, education, professional athletes and sports teams. In addition to his ongoing work in sport and business, currently Marc is working on, and developing, research and consultancy projects in stress, wellbeing and health in extreme environments. These include preparation for space travel and emergency medicine groups. Marc has published widely with over 85 publications comprising peer-review papers, books and book chapters. 

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