Sport Psychology Consultants

Sport psychology is truly a global profession. What we do on our directory is bring some of the top sport psychologists and sport psychology practitioners together in one easy to use directory for you to search – to find the right sport psychology support for you. This means that you can, for example, choose a local sport psychologist who specialises in confidence issues that you can meet in-person, or perhaps a counselor specialising in helping with psychological responses to injury anywhere in the world and consult online. The global nature of our directory means you can choose the person that best addresses your need. 


Looking for individuals with the correct qualifications is also important and we only list individuals who belong to a relevant professional body, in their country of practice, at the time of joining Sporting Bounce – Although we should also note that while we do that if you are thinking of using a consultant listed from the site it is your responsibility to verify, independently, the background, qualifications and experience of any member whose services they are considering using. 

We currently list individuals from the following backgrounds:

Sport Psychologists

Sport Psychologist is a protected term in many countries. That is only individuals who have undertaken a specific set of qualifications and training route can call themselves a Sport Psychologist. This will usually involve a combination of undergraduate degrees, post graduate degrees and recognised professional training and supervision. You can find out more detail about the backgrounds of individuals who have become sport psychologists in the United KingdomUnited States and Australia. As individuals in the UK are undergoing supervision while training to become a sport psychologist we also list those individuals on the site. They are working with clients as part of their training under the supervision of a qualified sport psychologist. The cost of working with a sport psychologist in training is often less and as such can be a very cost effective way of getting sport psychology support which is overseen by a qualified sport psychologist (the trainee's supervisor). 

Certified Mental Performance Consultants

Many individuals, particularly in North America, have pursued training through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) which offers certification for those individuals aiming to work on the mental side of sport. To become a Certified Mental Performance Consultant individuals are required to complete a certification exam, have a post-graduate degree (masters or doctoral level in sport psychology), a signed mentor or employer verification form, a signed ethical code statement, a CV, and three references.  Individuals who have become Certified Mental Performance Consultants are recognised as being able to help clients optimize performance, enjoyment, and/or personal development in sport and other domains (e.g., performing arts, military).

Sport Psychology Consultant - American Board of Sport Psychology

Some individuals in the United States also practice sport psychology have completed certification from the American Board of Sport Psychology. Individuals who have achieved this certification will first have completed a Doctorate in Psychology from a regionally accredited institution/university and have a license to practice psychology in any state.  They then complete The a certification roadmap comparable to graduate level education, comprising topic-specific study, task modules and practitioner’s challenge that lead to an applied practicum and culminating in a final project that must be of a publishable quality. 


In addition to Sport Psychologists and certified Mental Performance Consultants there are also other qualified mental health professionals who can provide sport psychology-related support.  For example, counselors can provide an opportunity for athletes to talk about issues that may be troubling them and/or affecting performance. These issues may be emerging from their personal lives as much as their lives in sport. A counsellor offers a safe, confidential, non-judgemental place for athletes to discuss any issue. Find our more about the training routes for counsellors in the UK and how it relates to sport.  

We formed in 2019 and very quickly we have managed to list sport psychologists, counsellors and mental performance consultants from America, UK, Ireland, Australia and India. Many of the people listed are among the top sport psychologists or sport psychology professionals in the field. 

If you are searching for sport psychology support how do you know you are whether you are getting a top sport psychologist, counsellor or mental performance consultant? On our directory you can see reviews from past clients so you get a sense as to whether not you are getting a top sport psychologist, counsellor or mental performance consultant based on their previous experiences with sports performers and teams. However, some countries do not allow an individual who works as a psychologist to include reviews and testimonials - so if you do not see a review - then that is likely because that individual is not allowed to include any reviews ethically!

With our sport psychology support from America, UK, Ireland, Australia and India we can address the global nature of sport and provide those searching for sport psychology expertise with a range of qualified practitioners to choose from. 

If you would like to join our directory we would be delighted to host you and in particular we really value growing our global reach and both adding to the consultants who list with us from America, UK, Ireland, Australia, and India and also adding to the countries represented. Please feel free to contact the Sporting Bounce Team if you have any queries.