Fifteen Reasons to List Your Sports Psychology Consultancy on Sporting Bounce

Sporting Bounce is a global directory of Sport Psychologists and Sport Psychology Consultants.  We list qualified sport psychology consultants from many professional backgrounds including Sport Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychiatrists and Certified Mental Performance Consultants. If you work as a sport psychology consultant we would be delighted to have you list on our directory and to help you decide if it is worth doing we have put together a list of 15 fabulous reasons to join our fast-growing sports psychology community.

#1. We help clients find you. We rank highly on major search engines for people searching for sport psychologists and sport psychology consultants. To illustrate we rank highly in organic Google searches (e.g., ‘sport psychologist near me’, 'sport psychology consultant near me', 'sport psychologist online' etc) globally. In addition we have a daily spend on Google Adwords to promote the site and the members who advertise with us.  

#2. We offer a great opportunity for people starting out. Listing on our directory is a very cost-effective way of gaining an immediate online presence for key search terms about sports psychology services. Joining us gives you the equivalent of a great personal website at a fraction of the cost! Even better than that joining an established website like us means your business webpage benefits from the reputation and visibility we have established. 

#3. We can help well-established consultants and businesses consolidate an existing online presence. Listing on our directory is an additional way for clients to find your services complementing your existing websites and social media presence. Don’t forget if clients cannot find your business on our directory, they will find your competitors – potentially costing you business.

#4.  You get data on your profile’s visibility and interaction with potential clients. For example, on our Premium and Bespoke packages you can see how many visits your profile receives each month and what visitors do on visiting your profile. For example, do they visit your company website, phone your number using our one click to call function, or visit your social media pages? 

#5. You shine Individually. Your individual profile is searchable, and many individual profiles come up in searches for expertise and location (e.g., Sport Psychologist Birmingham). With over 40,000 google searches per second having an online presence is crucial for gaining clients. 

#6. Be part of a community. We aim to grow a community of people and companies offering sports psychology-related services who can help each other grow and provide advice and support. For example, you may be after someone with expertise in hypnosis, eating disorders, or youth then you are part of a community that has that expertise. 

#7. Reasonably priced membership packages. We have worked hard to ensure that our membership packages are reasonably priced and provide great value whether you are on the journey to establishing your business or looking to consolidate your online presence. In return we invest time and money into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and Google AdWords to promote the site and your services. We use the Stripe payment system which will automatically calculate the membership fees based on the current exchange rate. You can make your membership payment in your home currency providing you with peace of mind and ease of payment regardless of your location.

#8. Bespoke options. If you choose our Bespoke package you can list in multiple locations and a greater range of specialities. This is particularly helpful for those people who offer a service that is national rather than local (online support) or who simply wish to boost their presence. Also if our existing packages don’t meet your unique needs please contact us and we are more than happy to explore how we can help. 

#9. More than a directory. We do not just list your expertise - you are in control of your profile and can post blogs, videos, post coupons/offers etc. All of these are searchable and this extra information really helps boost your online presence and attract clients. Data shows that websites – in this instance your profile - with blog content have on average 434% more search engine-indexed webpages.

#10. You can display your expertise through reviews of your work. 92% of all online feedback is considered positive so it really pays to have a system where your service can be rated. Further, 55% of people will search online for reviews and recommendations before proceeding. On our Premium and Bespoke packages you have the ability to moderate any reviews received for peace of mind. 

#11. There are no tie-ins to any of our packages. You can leave at any time and you will not owe us a penny. We want you to list on our directory, be part of our community, and are sure you will find it a valuable experience that enhances your business. As such we have no need to tie you in to any long term contracts or commitments. 

#12. We are a global directory. We have individuals listed on the directory from the United States, Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom. We would be delighted to list more people from those countries and add to our global reach with individuals from other countries.  

#13. We only list qualified practitioners. In particular, we request that any member listed belongs to a relevant professional body, in their country of practice, at the time of joining Sporting Bounce. And maintains that membership while listing on the directory. 

#14. We are unique. As far as we know(!) we are the only online directory focused specifically on sport psychologists and sport psychology consultants. This enables us to deliver a great service to those who list with us and helps us connect with clients around the world. 

#15. If you advertise on our directory we help you get found. You get more clients and your business and reputation grows. 

We hope that you would very much like to list your services on our easy to use sports psychology directory. If you would like to help give athletes the sporting bounce (apologies for the dreadful pun!) then why not see our membership packages, choose the one that is right for you, and join our growing sport psychology community.

By all means browse our directory to see if it is a right fit for your business. 

If you would like to speak to our helpful Sporting Bounce team then please do contact us