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The Triple P Guide to Personal and Team Success: Purpose – Process – Progress

The Triple P Guide to Personal and Team Success: Purpose – Process – Progress

Getting success seems arduous. All the time, all the effort, all the sacrifices and so on. But what if we are looking at success in the wrong ways? What we mean here is that we often miss out on the signposts that are fundamental to our success. A purpose, process and progress are so easy to remember and use, we might dismiss them in favour of something more complex. This move would be foolish because complexity confuses. Complexity also carries a high cognitive load, which means we can feel tired from all the processing of complex ideas, plans and activities. What we are doing here is giving you simple guides to follow and blend seamlessly into your everyday life.

The Triple P Guide to Personal and Team Success 

Purpose - this is the reason, story and mobilising strengths to get to the end line. Therefore, we are doing what we are doing. Without a purpose, we meander. We go down so many roads in hope rather that in commitment. 

Process – what we doing day to day? Once we know our purpose, we can keep working on our processes. Processes are the simple steps we do daily to reach our purpose. If our purpose is to be fit and healthy, our processes might include exercise, healthy eating and rest. We can break these processes down into walking for 30 minutes five days a week; cooking healthy meals and getting between 7 and 9 hours sleep at night. 

Progress – how do we measure where we are going and how far we have come? And once we have achieved our goals, we need to reward our progress. What we measure, we can improve. And improvements – progress – is self-perpetuating. A little progress begets progress, and this action brings traction to our lives. 

Any endeavour depends on personal effort, strategy, and help from others. We need others more than we recognise, so involve other people to support you in supportive ways. Many people mean well, but rarely do us the most service. Surround yourself with the support you need that suits you and challenges you to keep going. One key factor in this success plan is to follow the cycle around again and again. When we begin with a purpose, follow with our processes and record our progress, we return to the beginning. We need to remind ourselves over and over about our purpose. The purpose is our reason, reasons, and story for why we are doing what we are doing. We are always adding to this story, and this story represents our growth and determination. 


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