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Posted 05/28/2021 in Category 1

Sporting Bounce and helpa Partnership

Sporting Bounce and helpa Partnership

We are delighted at Sporting Bounce to partner with helpa.

helpa allows practitioners to list an individual and team-wide profile for new and existing clients, to request service information, seek assistance between therapy sessions and communicate privately and securely through a single interface.

The helpa app also includes the following features:

  • In-app communication with both clients & team members
  • Compliance with privacy laws to protect you, your staff and your business
  • Customer profiles and health history
  • Optional service bookings (in-person and telehealth)
  • Paperless patient health journals
  • Optional service and rate management
  • All this for the equivalent cost of a coffee per week!


Sporting Bounce members can have membership of helpa at a discounted rate which includes:

  • Unlimited client profiles
  • 24/7 support
  • Reminders, notifications, calendar integrations, and optional payments
  • Dedicated client app
  • Free 14-day trial
  • No add-on fees or lock in contracts


This makes customer service efficient and ensures your business is presented in an organised, professional manner, creating a trusted environment for your clients and ultimately generates more business.

It is great to partner with helpa!