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Sport Psychology Online – Getting Visible on the Web

Sport Psychology Online – Getting Visible on the Web

If you work as a sport psychology consultant, or run a sport psychology consultancy with a number of employees, then being visible and found easily on the web is important. With over 40,000 google searches per second having an online presence is crucial for gaining clients. 

Many people who are looking for sport psychology support will not know who to turn to, or who to ask, so will search on Google, or other search engines, for a sport psychologist or sport psychology consultant. For example, commonly searched for terms on Google, in order of magnitude, are:

  • Sport Psychologist
  • Sport Psychology
  • Sport Psychologist Near Me
  • Sport Psychology Consultant near me
  • Online Sport Psychologist. 

The main reason we established Sporting Bounce was to help connect those seeking sport psychology support with qualified consultants. And we do this for the members who advertise on our site by investing in Google Adwords for key search terms and making sure we are returned highly in searches for sport psychology related terms. However, in addition to having a profile page with us many of our members also maintain a webpage of their own – and this twin approach can pay dividends in increasing online presence. We have learned a lot in establishing our website and supporting the great consultants who list with us from all around the globe. And in this blog we just want to outline some key things to consider in boosting your online presence, to describe some of the products we have that can help in that regard, and also what helpful free resources are available.  

This is a basic introduction, and there is so much more to boosting your online presence than we outline here and indeed there is lots we do not know, and even more we do not even know we do not know! We are definitely still learning. However, being able to promote your sport psychology website through identifying keywords, and understanding some of the key basics is crucial to getting a great online presence. 

Understanding Your Current Online Sport Psychology Presence

It is said that every journey starts with a single step – but of course to figure out how to get to a destination we must understand where we are starting from. So it is crucial to understand how your site is getting found. How does your site rank? How do you compare to your competitors? What are the key search terms in sport psychology? Gathering information to understand your site’s performance and that of your competitors is key. 

One way to do this is though our comprehensive organic research report. Our Organic Research reports will tell you what keywords your sport psychology site ranks highly in, who your main competitors are - and how you compare. You will get information on your website's performance over the last 12 months including:

  • Your organic Search performance by country
  • Detailed organic search performance for a country of your choice for both desktop and mobile devices. 
  • Find out who your main competitors are - and how you compare
  • Traffic information for you site.
  • How your site has changed over the last 12 moths with information on new keywords,

You can also get a lot of this information free through Google. Two things to do here. First set up Google Analytics which will enable you to see:

  • How much traffic you are getting from search engines.
  • Which pages are getting the most organic traffic.
  • The bounce rate of organic traffic.

You can also set up Google Search Console which is a free tool provided by Google to website owners. It can provide a great deal of useful information about your search engine rankings and traffic and helpful tools, including:

  • Which keywords and pages give you the most clicks
  • Check your rankings and get keyword ideas
  • Submit a sitemap or ask for recrawls

You can also get information from Google Search Console about:

  • Website errors (mobile-friendliness etc)
  • Manual penalties

You can connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics and then analyse the data using both sources. 

Understanding the performance of your sport psychology website is an important first step in developing your SEO strategy. You will hear SEO mentioned a great deal in relation to website development and it simply means Search Engine Optimization. This means improving the quantity, and quality traffic to your website from search engines (organic searches). As such SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic (e.g., where you link to your website from a post on social media) or paid traffic (e.g., using Google Adwords). We target all aspects at Sporting Bounce for our members, particularly as we appreciate that maintaining a daily spend on Google AdWords may be beyond many individual consultants or companies. 

Understanding The Digital Sport Psychology World

There are many aspects to developing an SEO strategy and a crucial part of this is identifting what what keywords you are specifically targeting. There is lots of free good help and advice out there. But again we can help with this with our SEO content template. We can help you identify your keywords and then building on that provide guidance on what types of words you should include in your text, and  how much text you should include, and how that should be written. The way we support you on this is through an on-page SEO checklist. 

In developing an on page SEO-Checklist it is really about making sure that search engines understand your content so you get returned in the right searches for your sport psychology expertise and promote yourself to a wider audience.  Using our bespoke report you can choose up to three target key words and get information on what to include to be returned in searches for those keywords. We can help you arrive at the keywords you wish to include and that is all part of the service. 

You can also choose where you would like your SEO content to be focused. For example, are you aiming to return high in national rankings or do you want to focus on understanding Google searches return in your locality (e.g., town or county).

You will get the following information in each report:

  • Key words to include in your text.
  • Recommended text length.
  • Suggested sites to acquire backlinks from.
  • Readability level of your text.
  • Analysis of your top-10 rivals for each keywords and the text they have used to rank so highly.

SEO is a complicated business and there are lots of other factors to consider. For example, whether the keywords your are aiming for popular (search volume), and how difficult are they going to be to rank highly in (keyword difficulty). For example, while ‘anxiety in sport’ is a more popular keyword than ‘hypnosis for sports performance anxiety’ , it is easier to rank higher in ‘hypnosis for sports performance anxiety’. So you may get more visitors from targeting key words that are easier to rank more highly in, even if fewer people search for them. 

How much you write also matters. As we have advised all our members who have set up their profiles on our site it is important to include a reasonable amount of content. We suggest a minimum of 250 words to describe your expertise but ideally more than 500 words is great, and the same holds true for webpages. Content, (in terms of frequency, quality and amount) is good!

In terms of some general writing tips try to make sure the readability of your page is good with short sentences instead of long paragraphs (we often fail at that!) and to make good use of sub headings and where possible include media (e.g., images, video). If possible try to link to authoritative sources too. In that sprit some great free resources related to on page SEO checklists can be found here and here

And if you want support from us then please do not forget to check out our great range of sport psychology digital products, that we have already mentioned. 

We hope you have enjoyed this brief overview of some of the things we have learned in our time establishing Sporting Bounce. If you have any questions or queries please do contact us. 

If you are a sport psychology consultant yourself then please see our great range of membership packages and join our community!

You can also use our site to search for a sport psychology consultant.

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