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Sporting Bounce - July 2020 Update

Sporting Bounce - July 2020 Update

Welcome to our latest Sporting Bounce update. Clearly a great deal has changed since we last got in touch in February. There have been lockdowns across the globe - to greater or lesser degrees - in order to deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic. This has had an impact on many of us delivering sport psychology services. Depending on where you are in the world we are beginning a return to normal. This is of course following the return of many professional sports that are taking place in the slightly surreal environments of empty stadia - and the psychological effects of this has been discussed by Sporting Bounce members. This return is of course, not a return to 'normal', certainly not in the foreseeable future, and there will be a new normal where we will adapt our practices and techniques in line with the medical guidelines and advice. Technology will play a role in this and delivering sport psychology online is something we have discussed on our site and we know many of our members have used this approach successfully. As we emerge from this lockdown period we hope that in some small way we can contribute to your success and growth. Below is a little update from us and we hope the information is helpful in giving you an overview on how we are developing and helping our members.

Moving on Up

We are delighted with our progress in moving up the rankings. We now rank in 53 sport psychology related searches (data from June).  More importantly we are on the first page of Google searches in the UK for a host of search terms including 'sport psychologist online', 'sport psychologist near me', 'sport psychology consultant near me', 'youth sport psychologist near me', and 'sport psychologist in my area'. We have been working very hard behind the scenes to ensure that members who list with us have individual profiles that are found as well. It is not just about driving clients to the main site but also about increasing the visibility of an individual profile. Practitioners who list with us have the equivalent of their own personal website which is fully searchable.  

Going Global

Well that is a big claim! But we have ambitions! It is great to welcome new members from the USA and Ireland. We are making good, solid (the spectacular is yet to come!) progress up our rankings for searches in the United States (data from June). We rank on the first page for 'sport psychologist directory' but in fairness as that is what we are we should really get there for that! We are also top 50 ranked for 'sport psychologist near me', 'sport psychologist online', and 'sport psychology consultant near me'. And that is substantial progress since last time. So, we are progressing and along with our Adwords we aim to give excellent coverage for our members. 

Blogs and Videos

We have had some really great blogs and videos from our members recently. There are too many to list here. If you list with us both are excellent ways of strengthening the visibility of your individual page and we share them with our social media followers globally. If you just have the text and want help in putting them online and linked to your profile with a great image we can help with that. Just get in touch with us and we will be delighted to do this for you. 

New Members

We welcomed a number of new members recently and these include:

Ryan Bailey based in Southend, UK

Bairbre Hassett, based in County Kildare, Ireland

Eddie O'Connor, based in Michigan, United States

Jim Skelton, based in California, United States

Amanda Khor, based in Illinois, United States

Dr Ross Flowers based in California, United States

Amanda Ferranti based in Garden City, United States

There are many more and we will introduce more members in our next newsletter. It is great to have you all on board - a big welcome to Sporting Bounce! If you would like to see our membership packages then you can do so here and it will be great to have you join if you offer sport psychology service. 

And Finally ..

 ... ... we recognise that these are challenging times for many of us and we wish you all the very best personally as well as in your career and work. 

"For me, the relief of not failing has always been just as strong as, if not stronger than, the joy of winning.  They say that when things are going really well, you should just let it happen, but that’s exactly when I always started to get nervous.  And that’s often when my outbursts began." - John McEnroe