Sport Psychology Support Online

Engaging in sport psychology support online can be a fantastic way to bring athletes and coaches in contact with consultants who may otherwise not connect. For example, it is great for people who wish to access the service of a sport psychologist but who may not have one in their local area, or are traveling so frequently the convenience of online support really fits in with their life.  It also help people who would like the service of a consultant with a very specific expertise (for example in esports). 

That said before getting your sport psychology support online it is worth making sure that you feel comfortable seeing the consultant virtually. It may be that for some people a face-to-face meeting is better.  

A private comfortable space is important so please think about where you would like to be for your sessions. 

Consider how you deal with technical difficulties. It may be possible to continue the session over the phone or alternatively reschedule.

One thing to consider is choosing a suitable platform. Your consultant will have experience in the network should be as secure as reasonably possible and, as far as is feasible, assures privacy. 

The three systems below are all popular, free, and use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bits encryption and could be used in online consulting.  


You can find out more information on Skype here, and can download it here


For more information on Zoom security you can click here or you can find more information on its use here.


For more information on encryption with apple devices you can click here and find more information on Facetime here.

Also think about how you would like to pay. Options for payment include direct BACS transfer, or an electronic system like PayPal. 

With our vast range of consultants on our directory you are very likely to find someone with the specific expertise you are after. You can search for sport psychology consultants who specialise in online support here