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Submitted by Joe Nelson on 02/15/2020

Review of Marcus Nel

Overall Rating

Marcus has been a key part of my sporting and competing career inside of my experience with sport. First of all by allowing me to access greater levels of detail to refining performance. His knowledge, understanding and interpretation of sports psychology to manage and include in training and competing has astronomically accelerated improvement with in my sport as well as confidence surrounding the approach to games.

Reply From Marcus Nel

Thank you for your kind words and I am glad to hear that the process has been beneficial. It was excellent to see what you are talking about coming to fruition in reality yesterday!
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Guest Lecturer

Marcus come in to speak to my year 1 Sport Studies degree students, who are studying a Psychology of Sports Performance module. Having spoken to Marcus in advance he was able to put together a presentation that providing some context as to where he is on his journey as a Certified Sport Psychologist and also on some examples of the type of work he is involved in as part of that role. He made the session engaging and interesting for the students and they responded with positive feedback on the session and we will definitively engage with Marcus in the future.

Submitted by University Centre Weston on 03/03/2020

Sport performance

I Felt very relaxed and comfortable talking to Marcus during our sessions. I didn't know much about sport Psychology, Marcus explained it simply so I could understand and how to use what was suggested not just in sport but everyday life. Very knowledgeable and great to work with.

Submitted by Huw Morgan on 02/21/2020

Inspiring and thought provoking

I had the pleasure of attending an evening of inspirational talks at which Marcus spoke.
He talked about the Psychology of adventure, looking at why we as humans want to test ourselves and why we find intrigue in endurance activities.
He provided lots of food for thought and some great tips for beginners on how to get mentally prepared for training and eventually competing or taking on a big challenge.
His personal way of making challenges seem accessible and attainable are a real strength and i urge anyone looking to start a new project to involve him from the very beginning.

Submitted by Sole Cycling on 02/13/2020

Excellent therapist

I don’t have a involvement in sports as such but I came to Marcus in a really low point in my life, I felt like I was all alone in a rough sea. Seeking out his help helped me to find calm in myself with techniques he taught it has really helped me keep the waves of life still and an enjoyable experience. Full rate Marcus he’s a great therapist and very warming and welcoming!

Submitted by Benz on 02/13/2020