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Posted 05/03/2021 in Category 1 by DAVID CHARLTON

053 Why Mental Toughness is NOT a Male Macho Trait

This episode shatters the myth that mental toughness is a male macho trait.  Three very talented ladies from different fields demonstrate that it is far more complex than this basic assumption that many people have.  Where Kate Mackay talks about embracing fear and Taz Bricknell and Natalie Hurdley share insights into the immense commitment levels that are required to thrive in professional rugby and powerlifting.  

Key Learning Points:

  • Look to recognise and acknowledge your fears and push yourself to beat them.
  • Check out a SWOT analysis to help you overcome any fears or challenging situations.
  • Playing professional women’s rugby requires a huge amount of dedication and comes with lots of unfair criticism.
  • A great deal of trust in your training and nutritional plans, alongside patience is vital to succeed is powerlifting where gains are very slow.

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