The first Certificate for Athletes "Professional Psychological Path" based on Mirror Training Method

The first Certificate for Athletes
After hundreds of requests, we decided to put all the knowledge and the experience of years of practice with professional athletes in this group training. The idea is to give every athlete the possibility to work psychologically on how to train, how to approach the performance, how to be able to achieve the maximum level of performance and become a winner.
Every professional athlete knows that in order to be able to compete at the highest level, working mentally is a key aspect.


YOU will be able to work in a group in Level 1 and Level 2  and for the Professional Level individually in order to become mentally strong and be able always to compete at the highest level.

YOU how to be always focused.
YOU will do many different exercises that you will be able to always use in your life to shape your mind and be able to deal with difficulties of any kind.
YOU will be able to minimize the impact of past failures and maximize your resources in order to build inside of you a stable self-confidence 

Have a look of the program and understand why you should participate in this certificate as soon as possible

At the end of every Level there, you will be asked to fulfill a questionnaire to assess the learning

At the end of the Training, you will receive an attendance and learning certificate 

with Alessandro Carmelita

It will be done online in a group for 3 sessions of two hours. The Assessment phase is meant to be for Athletes of every discipline, males, and females from 12 years old age

The Assessment will include:

  • assessing blocks in the performance and improvement
  • Negative thoughts, emotions, coping behaviors
  • Recurrent negative images 
  • Images of positive events related to the performance
  • Nature of the motivation
  • Shame and relation to the others
  • What is stopping the change
  • Attempts to improve and change inner blocks
  • What was successful and what was not
  • Memory and perception of the self
  • Imagery assessment
  • Questionnaire

with Alessandro Carmelita

Level one is the first level of the training and it will be done in a group of a maximum of 10 athletes. The group will be sports and gender-mixed
(4 Sessions of 2 Hours) 

In Level 1 you will work on:

  • Sabotaging thoughts 
  • Counterproductive behaviors
  • relationship with others and shame
  • Secondary consequences of the performance and the trap of the succeding 
  • Destructive emotions
  • Anxiety and stress
  • How the opponent control us using our anger
  • High standards, negative self-evaluation, and recurring depressed state
  • The demanding inner side

YOU will do practical exercises:

  • Exercises of Mindfulness of the first level
  • Imagery exercises of the first level
  • Positive affirmations
  • Self diary
  • Inner positive self-talking

You will be part of the Whatsapp Positive Performance Group

FINAL Learning Questionnaire

with Alessandro Carmelita

Level two is the second level of the training and it will be done in a group of a maximum of 10 athletes. The group will be sports and gender-mixed. 
(4 Sessions of 2 Hours) 

YOU will work on:

  • Key powerful thoughts and empowering
  • How to modulate emotions 
  • Changing thoughts and changing experiences
  • Positive affirmations and rehearsing positive emotions
  • How to change the negative self-evaluation in a compassionate acceptance of self
  • Relationships and reestablishment of the motivation
  • Making others' judgment irrelevant
  • How to be totally focused
  • Becoming the performance
  • disappearing and being totally present at the moment
  • Finding inner resources and maximizing them

YOU will do practical exercises:

  • Mindfulness exercises of the second level
  • Imagery exercises from failure to success
  • The imagery of the Best Me
  • Using the mirror and the red dot
  • Video of the professional and me
  • Feeling the body
  • Embodying the performance
  • Focus narrowed vs Focus broadened 

FINAL Learning Questionnaire

with Alessandro Carmelita

The PRO LEVEL will be done individually and it could be shorter or longer depending on the different problems. It would go from 5 sessions to 10 sessions of 1 hour.
The Pro-Level has two phases. 
In the first one, you will work only in front of a large mirror. 
In the second phase, you will work repeatedly for 4 times, 15 minutes in front of the mirror and 15 minutes in regular training
YOU will work individually in front of the mirror on:

  • The red dot
  • Controlled dissociation (perfect mental state)
  • Body Scan with multiple awareness
  • the continuum of good and bad
  • Dealing and confronting the bad 
  • Introducing the secret relational ingredient
  • Eye movements
  • Mental mapping and eye control
  •  Integration of every significant positive psychological ingredient
  • "Becoming the champion" practice
  • focusing the movement and executing
  • Videos of the champions, imagery exercises, attention guidance (building new neuronal connections)

FINAL Learning Questionnaire

At the end of the Training, you will receive a certificate of attendance and Learning that you can show to your Club or Sports Association in order to prove your mental achievements

FIRST ASSESSMENT Group will start on Saturday, April 18th from 10.00 am to 12.00 am. 
The Session will be on ZOOM 

We will accept registrations till we will have all group full the others will be registered in the waiting list for the second ASSESSMENT group that will start in May

This program is meant to be only for Athletes


The Elite Professionals work individually in front of the mirror with a Mirror Mind Trainer 


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