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10 Phrases that All Athletes Need to Hear from Parents

10 Phrases that All Athletes Need to Hear from Parents

John Couture

As a parent, we often wonder what is the best thing to say to our child on the car rides to and from practice and games.

1.    Tell me about it!

  •  Them, not you.  Let them speak- whatever is important to them will be discussed.

2.    Tell me about your dreams!

  • Let them dream big and set goals- from their own minds

3.    I love to watch you play!

  •  Simply enjoy the game- don’t keep score.

4.    I believe in you!

  • Confidence in them will go a long way with their confidence in themselves.

5.    I am proud of you!

  • They should know that you are proud of them, not their stats.

6.    You got this!

  • Pushing their adversity is a strength for all athletes.

7.    Well done!

  • Celebrate small victories.  Helping them see small victories that are not in the stat sheet will give them a sense of achievement.

8.    I am sorry.

  • Recognizing your child’s feelings is acceptable.   Support and show them love.

9.    How can I help?

  • Ask them what you can do to help, but let them take the lead.

10.    You are making great progress!

  • When accomplishments are achieved, acknowledge them.

Parent support is the fuel for champions.

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