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Togetherness - Choosing Your Culture

Togetherness - Choosing Your Culture
Do you have a culture of togetherness?To cultivate such a culture, coaches need to be intentional. Waiting for it to form naturally is like buying a lottery ticket, it’s a gamble.To truly begin this journey you need to have a thorough understanding of what is most important to each individual in the team. You need to explore their personalities, characteristics and core values.You go through this journey together and one to one. Allowing each team member to individually see where they connect with each other. Then collectively work on a consensus of the teams shared values, which reflect their shared identity. This first stage is crucial to forming WE and giving the team a sense of ‘us’.There’s much to do after this work, but this stage is crucial, because it shapes the groups why. The teams why are the beliefs they share. It keeps the team focussed consistently on a bigger picture and, crucially, sustains the team through difficult times empowering them to thrive regardless of what happens.Joining teams together on what is most important to them, what they have in common on personal levels and allowing them to forge their shared why, shapes their shared identity and inspires a culture of togetherness.

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