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Achieve Your Elite - You Can't Do it Alone!

Achieve Your Elite - You Can't Do it Alone!
It takes more than just you to achieve your elite!Listen to any successful professional athlete talk about how they achieved their elite, and it doesn’t take long to hear them say something about their support network and who they surrounded themselves with.There is a quote that says, “Surround yourself with people who support your dreams.” It may sound selfish, but healthy relationships empower healthy people. They result in much happier and more affirmed people. Find those people and groups that support your goals. Eradicate as much negativity from your life as possible. The people closest to you can have the biggest impact on your success. Choose them wisely.In an interview with Robin Van Persie on The High Performance Podcast, he talked about sending a written message to friends that he felt he needed to “move on from”. That was how serious he took this aspect of his life. This is how serious he was about achieving his elite levels of performance.The key reflection here is, who is empowering and inspiring you towards achieving your elite and who is not?

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