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Achieve Your Elite - The Mastery of Progress

Achieve Your Elite - The Mastery of Progress
Do you focus more on progress or results?When I work with professionals in sport, I encourage them to focus on progress not results, or technique rather than outcome. Its in the mastery of progress and technique that we can empower decision-making and inspire high performance consistently.  By focussing on progress we pay attention to the most important details, we empower healthy perspectives and perhaps most importantly we create the right type of head space for solutions and winning strategies. Progress focussed athletes are more present, they are able to drive towards their visions with a firm grip on what needs to be done right now. They are better at regulating their emotions, handling disappointments and managing their self-talk for their benefit. By focussing on progress, athletes have greater freedom to choose their mindsets, to decide for themselves how they will feel about their performances, and results, as opposed to feeling dictated to or even trapped by unhealthy thoughts and feelings.“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” George Bernard ShawResults come naturally from progress, however, progress does not come naturally from results.

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