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Achieve Your Elite - Focussing on You!

Achieve Your Elite - Focussing on You!
Are you an athlete who worries about what the coaches, manager or other athletes are thinking?You know you shouldn’t, but in reality it happens. You try to ignore it, tell yourself to forget about it. But the reality is, thoughts of this nature seem to find their way back in, especially at the wrong times. Is this your experience?This is a common experience for athletes. If you’re reading this thinking it’s only me, I promise you it isn’t. I have worked with a large number of athletes over the last few years, and this comes up frequently. I have also worked with thousands of people over the last 15 years, and it comes up all the time. Basically, it’s pretty normal.But, it doesn’t change the fact that it shouldn’t happen right? You know you should only focus on yourself in high performance environments! So how do you change this experience?It takes some patience to understand, some support to work through and some practice to change. But ultimately, as you work through this, you can come out the other side a better athlete than before. It also doesn’t have to take forever for you to see and feel some significant improvements.If this is an experience you want to start tackling, then get in touch, It is very possible that together we can work through this challenge and utilise it as a building block to inspire you in achieving your elite. Achieve your elite by taking control of who you are focussing on.

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