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Achieve Your Elite - Focussing on Better

Achieve Your Elite - Focussing on Better
“We are all human and sometimes you have a dip in form but that is part of being a footballer. You can’t be perfect every single week. When times are hard, you have to graft and dig in to come out the other side better.” -Jordan PickfordIt’s not easy to accept that you aren’t always going to be your best. But that’s how it is. What you can determine is to always give your best intent.The reality for the footballers who learn to consistently perform is that they learn to accept what they can control and what they should focus on. Then they make this their priority.Their focus is on how they can go into every game with the right intent and mindset, keeping that mindset throughout the game and that the result may or may not be what they want, but whatever the result they can focus on their response and improve each week.Their focus is not on last weeks poor result or how important this weeks result has to be good, or how they have to play well this week. Focus on anything like this produces unhealthy responses from the brain and will likely negatively impact performance.You need to focus on your progress not results. Learning to let go of controlling unhelpful things when they seem like helpful things is not always easy, but with support and practice you can filter through this white noise and go on to achieve your elite.

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