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Achieve Your Elite - Binning Worry!

Achieve Your Elite - Binning Worry!
How often do you worry about your performance?For many athletes this is a normality, in fact some athletes believe this is the right thing to do, they have to worry about their performance!There’s a significant difference between worrying about performances and evaluating them. Worrying about performance becomes an emotional reaction, one that engages parts of the brain which feed you with doubts and negative emotions. Whilst a short burst of this approach might be good at times. Consistently experiencing this is unhealthy and will have a detrimental effect on performance.Evaluating performance is different. It’s factual, objective, involves other people (who can provide support and healthy perspectives) and most importantly its strategic. Healthy, effective evaluations lead to performance optimisation and high levels of wellbeing.One golden rule I use with athletes I work with is to focus on progress not results. Progress breeds results. As we focus on the progress we are making and need to make, we press forward. As we focus on results, we can trigger unhealthy thoughts and emotions which distract and disrupt our focus. Take control of your performance through evaluation and progress. Achieve your elite by becoming the champion of your cause.

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