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I have heard about this method from a team mate in Argentina and I felt that it was a great opportunity for me during my staying in Italy to try few sessions. At the first moment working in front of a mirror with the techniques that Alessandro Carmelita was teaching me was weird but after just few minutes I felt the power of what I was doing. I had the impression that my capacity of being focused was incredibly higher and also I had the feeling of an incredible energy in all my body. After few sessions I was able to perform at a very different level. I definitely suggest to everyone to try this new method. I really believe that this is going to have an incredible impact on how athletes will train their mind. Thanks a lot for that, I am referring every player I know to Alessandro

Submitted by Alvaro on Sunday, Oct 06, 2019

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Thanks Alvaro for your nice words, it was really a pleasure to meet you and have the possibility to work with a great player and a great man. All the best

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