How to Get into the Flow with Mirror Training Method?

How to Get into the Flow with Mirror Training Method?

How to have access to the flow?

From the moment I started playing volleyball, I immediately realized that I was not able to play as I could have had. The fact was that despite all my abilities, there was a big problem. 

A different me was playing a different performance and a different game. The other Self was constantly there to try to find solutions, to control everything, to give a specific image to the others, to manage every problematic aspect of my life. 

I discovered that this other Self is always there observing, judging and working on everything.

After years, after becoming a psychologist, working with the best Experts in the world, helping hundreds of clients, everything in my mind has become understandable. 

I have started working with the Self that is worried or critical or scared without fighting it. I learned that the words don't work with that Self or at least they are not enough. At the same time, I tried to introduce in the sessions several experiential ingredients that could really aloud the Self to use all the abilities and to enjoy performing in every moment.

I tried to integrate all my experiences and knowledge and create a new method that could work at an implicit level; not verbal but emotional, perceptual, physical and relational. 

The goal was to change how the challenging Self is living and performing and increasing the positive aspects of the performances.  

What happened was that my clients started to be able to learn how to get into the flow without even thinking about the performance.

How could we get into the flow without thinking to have to do that? 

Using the mirror with this specific method, with the help of a Mirror Mental Trainer, who is also a psychologist, gives the possibility to have access to the brain and to the mind functioning and change it in a very surprising way.

So I can become the performance, I become the flow, I become the professional, I become the best me.

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