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Posted 07/02/2021 in Category 1 by Rebecca Chidley

Utilising a Growth Mindset within a young athlete’s sport journey

Utilising a Growth Mindset within a young athlete’s sport journey

What is the Growth Mindset?

The view that you have of yourself can determine everything. If we look at the belief that your basic qualities are unchangeable then you are likely to take more of a fixed mindset approach to challenges. This means that you want to prove yourself correct in these beliefs and therefore you don’t embrace challenges or learn from mistakes or setbacks.

In contrast, the growth mindset  is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things that you can cultivate through your efforts. Changing your beliefs to this growth mindset approach can have a powerful impact and create a passion for learning and improving. “why waste time proving over and over how great you are, when you could be getting better” (Dweck, 2006).

Some suggestions to help you with the Growth Mindset

Dweck (2006) has a few exercises to help you out.

  • Never think of yourself as talented, gifted or smart. Describe yourself as a lifelong learner, intellectually curious, and motivated to grow.
  • Identify the areas where you would like to grow.
  • How can you achieve your ideal self?
  • Which potential areas of improvement are within your control?
  • How will you respond to setbacks and failure?

It is important to have patience with yourself. You will encounter many challenges and setbacks as a young athlete and no matter how hard you try, it might be a long time before you see the results you hope for. But just remember you will never see those results if you give up. Adopt a lifelong growth mindset, and you will see the benefits.

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