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Student athletes - Identify your support network

Student athletes - Identify your support network

With the new academic year on the horizon we have put together this short piece to help you think about how you can be proactive:

Student-athletes can be subjected to a substantial amount of pressure to successfully balance their academic studies with their sporting commitments. This greater level of stress may in part be due to the decreased amount of time that they are warranted to complete their responsibilities. Although our discussions are predominantly aimed at those individuals who are at University and studying full time or part time depending on their level of sport competition, many of the challenges and benefits outlined may also be relevant to secondary school and college level athletes.


Understand the support available to you as soon as possible

Sport and Academic staff – Being proactive and organised will inevitably mean that you will feel like you have more support around you. But, communication will be a key part of the process. Be one step ahead to get required information to coaches and staff members to identify challenging times in the year.

Parents – You may be living away from home for the first time but that doesn’t mean that your parents are no longer there to support you. Make sure you keep in touch.

Peers – If you can, prioritise some time to socialise with people away from your sport environment. Building a strong athletic identity can really help with your development in sport. But, appreciating the role that a wider support network can play for you is key.

Fellow athletes will be a big part of your journey as you are all ‘in the same boat’ so you understand each other’s experiences.

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