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Sporting Bounce - February 2020 Update

Sporting Bounce - February 2020 Update

Welcome to our latest update which follows on from our one in November. You will notice a slightly different format to this update and we will keep this same format moving forward. You will also note that we spectacularly failed to hit our self-imposed target of a Christmas Update. We can only apologise and really should have read our own advice. Is it too late to wish you all a Happy new Year? Probably. In fact almost certainly. But anyway we genuinely wish you all the very best for 2020. We hope that in some small way we can contribute to your success and growth in the coming year. Below is a little update from us and we hope the information is helpful in giving you some information on how we are developing and helping our members.

Moving on Up

Both Primal Scream and M-People have sung about the importance of moving on up and we are very pleased with our progress as a fledgling site in moving up the rankings. We are now on the first page of Google searches for a host of search terms including 'sport psychologist online', 'sport psychologist near me', and 'sport psychologist in my area'. We have been working very hard behind the scenes to ensure that members who list with us have individual profiles that come up in their locality as well. It is not just about driving clients to the main site but also about increasing the visibility of your individual profile.  

Get Connected

If we can continue the theme of 90's pop songs then it is very important to 'get connected' and ensure that any links from personal sites to your profiles on Sporting Bounce are correct. We have ensured personal URL's for each of our members and changed these to drive the visibility of your individual profile. So if you have linked to your profile on Sporting Bounce from an external website please check that the link works. If you have not done that then please do link to your profile from any other sites you have. A simple link with text like this can help - 'You can see more about my applied sport psychology work here', or 'I am also listed on Sporting Bounce'. These links help the connectivity and boost your personal visibility (specifically that of your profile) and of the site more generally. If you want any help or advice please do get in touch. 

The Importance of Reviews

I am not sure were can continue the 90's pop song theme - well we could but it would become repetitive. So let's move on and please don't look back in anger. One of the great aspects of our site is that clients can post reviews and testimonials of your work. This really helps improve your visibility. If you have anyone who can comment on your work and post a review please ask them to do so. These are now displayed on the home page. See these reviews for example.  The link to posting a review is on each member's profile. And it is very simple to use. So if it is possible ethically then please ask those you have worked with to provide a testimonial. 


We have had some really great blogs from one of our recent members Dr Alun Jones, including some on Narcissm in Elite Sport and Mental Health in Elite sport. Blogs are a great way of strengthening the visibility of your individual page and we share them with our social media followers globally. If you just have the text and want help in putting them online and linked to your profile with a great image we can help with that. Just get in touch with us and we will be delighted to do this for you. 

And Finally ..

 ... a great welcome to our newest member Adrienn Szabadics. It is brilliant to have you on the site Adrienn! If you would like to join you can do so here.

"So we have the paradox of a man shamed to death because he is only the second pugilist or the second oarsmen in the world. That he is able to beat the whole population of the globe minus one is nothing he has 'pitted' himself to beat that one; and as long as he doesn't do that nothing else counts." - William James (Psychologist)