Online Sports Psychology at the Time of Coronavirus COVID-19

Online Sports Psychology at the Time of Coronavirus COVID-19

Oftentimes, professional athletes, but not only them,  have to travel abroad or are simply unable to attend Mirror Training Method sessions in person at our Centre. Therefore, over the past years, we have frequently arranged online sessions to meet their specific needs.
Now that coronavirus is spreading all over the world, every activity - including sport - has been significantly restricted. According to the current estimates, the vast majority of Countries in the world will impose more and more extreme restrictions as a way to limit the damage caused by the COVID-19 infection. Italy, Spain, England, Germany, and France have already suspended their national football championships. The 2020 European Football Championship was postponed, as well as the Olympic Games. Furthermore, many professional athletes have tested positive for coronavirus and the level of concern in the sports field is extremely high. At present, everyone feels compelled to take care of themselves in a totally unprecedented way.In such a difficult moment, professional athletes face a great number of challenges and are forced to change their lifestyle, as well as their training practice, in the hope that they will soon be able to compete again. 
Thanks to our Mirror Training Method online sessions, athletes from all over the world have the opportunity to keep training their minds, thus maintaining a high level of psychophysical performance and work also on anxiety, depression or stress. In this way, when the coronavirus emergency is over, they will be immediately ready to compete again and to perform at their full potential.Working online prevents athletes from being exposed to any health risks; in addition, managing online sessions is easier and less time-consuming, as there is no need to move from one place to another.
How does an online Mirror Training Method session work?
Each athlete will be provided with a computer (or an iPad), as well as a mirror. He/she will work in front of the mirror, under the Mirror Mind Trainer's (MMT) guidance, and will follow the same procedures as if he/she was in the same room with the MMT.

Several athletes have already tried Mirror Training Method online sessions: their opinions, as well as the results that they are getting out of them, are very positive.

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