How Mirror Training Method works

How Mirror Training Method works

Professional Athletes need to work hard not only during the training but also mentally. Mirror Training Method is an Advanced Sports Psychology method that has the aim of helping the Athletes to express their full potential that the mind has locked away and limited because of the occurrence of several key negative experiences in life or for the lack of specific emotional and relational ingredients during the developing of the personality and the mind of the Athlete... Mirror Training Method creates the right conditions to unlock the full potential of the Athlete using specific and unique modalities and techniques in front of a large mirror. It also gives deep and key instructions at the right moment so they can be easily internalized by the Athlete's mind structuring a new way of perceiving and thinking. We also use eye movements to activate the key areas in the brain that are involved in the expression of the highest performance and at that moment create the right experience who can shape new neuronal connections in the Athlete's brain. These new neuronal paths can support and aloud the Athlete to enter a state of flow in an easier way and perform at the best. We also work on emotional issues who can arise during this process.

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